Flawless Smile Tour

FX Caprara Pulaski Auto Complex Presents

Flawless Smile Tour

Eve To Adam, Talia, Downgrade, Less Than Hate

Tue, June 5, 2018

Doors: 5:30 pm / Show: 6:00 pm

Exhibition Hall

Watertown, NY


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This event is all ages

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FX Caprara Pulaski Auto Complex Presents

The Flawless Smile Tour!!

Also appearing,

Tuesday June 5th, 2018
Doors 5:30pm
All Ages Show!

The Exibition Hall at the Watertown Fairgrounds!
Tickets Just $12 Bucks and available at Big Apple Music on Arsenal St. and online at Ticketweb.com.
An Amp Entertainment Event!

Smile Empty Soul
Smile Empty Soul
Formed in 1998, American post-grunge band from Santa Clarita, California.

Before changing the name to Smile Empty Soul they went by Hecklers Veto and released one demo CD under that name.
Ask anyone who has ever been in a band, and they’ll tell you. Being in a band is hard. Making it work for 20 years? That is really, really hard.

That has certainly been the case for the once Louisville, KY-based metal band FLAW. The band has seen multiple line-up changes over the years, however the core of Chris Volz's vocals has remained as the creative driving force and is poised to re-emerge on the strength of their finest set of recordings to date. The band has signed a deal with Pavement Entertainment, and is set to release Divided We Fall on August 19, 2016.

FLAW’s story began with the independent release of home-grown albums American Arrogance (1996), Flaw (1998) and Drama (2000). It was the songs on these recordings that garnered the attention of Universal Republic Records, who signed the band and released the break-through Through The Eyes in 2001. The offering topped the Billboard "Heatseekers" chart, largely fueled by the singles "Payback" and "Whole." The band then followed-up with an album entitled Endangered Species via Republic in 2004, but soon thereafter the band went through personnel changes and ended their relationship with the label. Volz stayed creative, releasing a critically acclaimed solo record, and also touring aggressively with the band Five.Bolt.Main. The band’s tumultuous relationship with themselves, and their label, were reflected in their songs. It was the life and energy captured in these songs that propelled the band forward. It was always FLAW fans’ connection to their songs that carried the band on. “We would not be where we are today without our hardcore fans,” says Volz. “The Flaw Family is the backbone of everything we do, and we cannot wait to get out and tour in support of this new record”.

FLAW a band that is re-emerging on the strength of renewed focus and energy, and that energy is captured on the lead single from “Divided We Fall”, a song called “Live and Breathe” that is a vessel of raw human experience and emotion. The band has waited 12 years to release a proper album, to rally and come together. FLAW can accomplish great things, and their fans are poised and ready to answer the call.
Eve To Adam
Eve To Adam
Anthemic, guitar driven, modern hard rock!
Always on the verge of implosion...


"...Talia : un trio parisien un tiers énervé, un tiers déjanté et un tiers... renversant !…”
Sound Of Violence

Riffs agressifs , basse lourde et batterie martelant des beats syncopés, TALIA s’inscrit dans la droite lignée des groupes 90’s à la Hole, le rouge à lèvres en moins. Toujours a vif et donnant l’impression que tout peut basculer a n’importe quel moment, leur musique est a leur image: nerveuse...
Apres Cockroach Killer (2008), Permanent Midlife Crisis (2013) et Thugs They Look Like Angels 52015) leur 4 eme disque "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie" enregistré par Steve Albini est sorti chez Pavement entertainment (USA)

Aggressive riffs, heavy bass and pounding drum beats, TALIA falls in the line of 90's rock bands like Hole with a little less lipstick. Always lively and on the verge of implosion, their music is to their image: nervous! After several shows in the US the Paris/Los Angeles based trio releases its 4th record, successor of Cockroach Killer (2008), Permanent Midlife Crisis (2013) and Thugs They Look Like Angels (2015). So here's Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, recorded at Electrical Audio by Steve Albini, heavier, raw and more... Out on Pavement entertainment
Hard Rock band from Watertown, NY.

Leo Petrie - Vocals
Justin "Mugg" Johnson - Drums
Chris Smith - Guitar / Vocals
Steve Morley - Bass / Vocals
Less Than Hate
Less Than Hate
Hailing from Watertown, NY, Less Than Hate is a four piece original metal band that’s hard hitting, guttural, and as authentic as they come. The group’s origins began in vocalist Shane Allen’s kitchen, where he and guitarist Jeff Spear collaborated during extensive jam sessions. As songs began to emerge however, the guys pulled in drummer Sean Walters and bassist Derek Fahey, making the lineup for Less Than Hate complete.

For the past year and half the guys have been honing their live performances, opening for national acts such as Boy Hits Car and Nonpoint. This has prepared them for the release of their brand new debut single, “Almost Insane," which is currently available on Bandcamp. The track makes for the perfect introduction to Less Than Hate, thanks to its unconventional format and fearless forcefulness. The subject matter is also something that many listeners will be able to relate to, particularly during these unpredictable times. “This song is about the day to day grind of life,” the band says. “Being pushed to the edge by adversity, but somehow being able to not go completely crazy.”
Venue Information:
Exhibition Hall
615 W.T. Field Dr.
Watertown, NY, 13601