The Trews

The Trews

Waydown Wailers, Nice People

Fri, March 17, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:30 pm

The Ballroom At Savory Downtown

Watertown, NY


The Trews!

Return to the Ballroom at Savory Downtown.

Friday March 17, 2017

7:00 PM Doors.

$15 tickets, available at, Savory Downtown and Big Apple Music.

The Trews
The Trews
Sometimes the most exceptional and rewarding things are things you don't see coming but are open enough to embrace. Take The Trews' highly acclaimed acoustic tours, for instance.

Though the Toronto-based foursome made its name dishing intense, hooky, melodic rock and roll that won fans and critics worldwide – not to mention heaps of awards and countless radio hits pulled from a clutch of live and studio albums and EPs – The Trews discovered, serendipitously, that turning down the volume actually dialed up the heft.

Rewind to early 2009 and Toronto's legendary Glenn Gould Studio where our guys acoustically cut a collection of fan favourites, rarities and three new songs before a live audience that, not to put too fine a point on it, kind of lost its mind.

By the time The Trews issued the Friends & Total Strangers CD without fixes or overdubs and alongside an accompanying DVD, the supporting tour dates were already hotly anticipated from coast to coast. This, after all, was a different but no less commanding Trews: looser, more relaxed, heavy on the vocal harmonies and with all the familiar songs but sketched in charcoal instead of ink.

"We had no idea the acoustic shows would be so popular," confirms songwriter/guitarist and producer John-Angus MacDonald. "It was something we just did because it came to us like second nature. We had written songs that way – sitting around together and strumming guitars with everybody singing. We hadn't planned to tour but the reaction was a lot bigger than expected.

"I think the idea of everybody singing became the real hook of the thing. It wasn't just electric music played quietly; some songs sounded totally different by the time we had re-arranged them in that format."

Indeed, songs that had been wallflowers in The Trews' electric set suddenly bloomed, notably a pair of tracks from 2005's celebrated Den of Thieves. "The band really liked 'The Traveling Kind' but it always seemed to be the song where people at our electric shows would go grab a beer," MacDonald laughs.

"I think that was because the vocals were just too buried whereas acoustically we are able to showcase the harmonies, really bringing the tune to life. Same with 'Montebello Park.' I guess the more vocal-driven tunes suffer a bit played at lightning speed and thunderous volume."

These days, the acoustic shows bookend a career still laser-focused on rock but - more than a decade in and with most of the boxes on the wish-list checked off - can comfortably accommodate new ventures and fresh ideas. And the shows bring added benefits: more diverse audiences and a chance to play festivals and theatre venues in markets often underserved by marquee artists.

"We grew up in Antigonish Nova Scotia; not exactly a mecca of touring bands," MacDonald says. "When something finally came through town, we were just floored. We went out and loved every minute of it.

"And I do think these shows have grown the fan base at both ends – people who know us as a rock band and people who don't. We notice people a bit outside the age group of our usual fans turning up because we're playing more intimate settings where people aren't necessarily into having beer spilled on them or being crushed up against the stage," he howls. "I think in that setting the music has a little more reach to it, and goes down a little easier."

Bumstead Productions
Toronto, Ontario,
Waydown Wailers
Waydown Wailers
Waydown Wailers is an original band formed in the spring of 2011. The band consists of 4 seasoned musicians from varied musical backgrounds and experiences. The gathering of these talented musicians has garnered a sound that is referred to as, "edge of the swamp rock, blues, and jam with a twist of Americana, Defined as "Outlaw Jam Blues/Rock".

To create this unique sound to the northeast region, brothers Dave and Christian Parker, Michael "Scruffy" Scriminger and Connor Pelkey have joined forces.

"The songs have somewhat diverse styles yet, when combined it all makes sense," says singer and songwriter, Dave Parker of Waydown Wailers. The rhythm and groove of the tunes are highlighted with songs turning in a different direction at times to create a jam feel that is associated with many popular bands past and present. Lyrically, the songs range from present day observations on a National level, to recounts of past relationships and desires of us all at one time or another.

"Songs such as, State of the Union, reach into the observations of what is going on right now in our world," commented Dave Parker. "The lyrics of this tune are more topical in nature rather than solving any issues. It really is just an observation of the way things seem and calling them out on it". Other tunes such as, Video love and My Gurl, are songs of relationships in different realms.

Throughout most of the tunes you hear an underlying blues rock sound that is not only portrayed by the guitars but by the solid eclectic rhythms of drummer Michael "Scruffy" Scriminger. One of these tunes is Money Grabbers; it is a song that Scriminger and Parker collaborated on in previous bands as they shared the stage with national artists. This tune is electric blues rock, all the way, with some nice innovative sections that keeps your feet stomping until the end.

Guitarist, Christian Parker adds a totally retro feel to the band with signature guitar riffs and excellent melodies to carry the songs. "These tunes wouldn't have the same effect with out my brother's great ability to take a song and give it life," Christian commented. "We're brothers and we have always jammed but really never had a band together."

"Christian is an excellent songwriter of his own and will add tunes to the set list also," replied Dave, "He has worked with some outstanding musicians and has recorded a number of solo albums."

Another song entitled, Mercy Mercy, is the edge of the swamp sound with slide guitar coupled with an Americana rhythm and lyrically tells the story of discrimination that's still is with us today.
Bassist, Connor adds a sold blend of rock, funk and jazz to these songs, Connor is the glue that keeps the songs together and his style is unlike any other bassist around. Truly an artist, Connor adds that extra punch to the lineup as we fuse together.

Waydown Wailers are sure to please the soul for good rhythmatic beats and songs that make you feel like your part of the band.

Interview by "Fourth Coast Entertainment"
Nice People
Nice People
Venue Information:
The Ballroom At Savory Downtown
300 Washington St.
Watertown, NY, 13601